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1. Responsible for the UE design and planning of the company's products (web, desktop and mobile clients); 2. Cooperate with products and development colleagues to create an excellent user experience; 3. The usability testing and evaluation of existing products or specific functions will be improved, and the user experience of the product is continuously optimized. We want you 1. Domestic 211, 985, or master's degree or above in overseas universities, design -related majors; 2. More than 5 years of experience in the Internet or mobile Internet design experience; B -end product experience is rich; 3. Have multiple project experiences, and have participated in the whole stage from creative solutions to effect tracking; 4. I have a deep understanding of interactive design and user experience, and have professional knowledge and theoretical system; 5, solid art skills, good aesthetic ability, have the ability to judge and inductive expression of products; 6. Have the ability to communicate with the same sense, logical thinking, and expressing communication, be good at teamwork, and pursue the quality of design.




Job description 1. The company provides high -quality customer resources. It does not need to go out to the wind and sun, and the indoor office is comfortable and easy. 2. Effectively communicate with WeChat or telephone customers to understand customer needs and complete sales goals. 3. Maintain the business of old customers and dig the potential of new customers 【Welfare benefits】 1. Working hours: double break, normal holidays rest normally; 2. Five insurances and one gold, birthday, holidays, age days, and other benefits and gifts are all available. How can you take a salary and welfare leave in 12 days a year? 3. Do not work overtime, not overtime, 4. No responsibility base salary (3000-6000)+high commission+monthly salary (300-6000 yuan)+rich event bonus (monthly comprehensive salary of more than 10,000); 5. Interesting and rich employee activities: firewood stoves, dinner, tourism, badminton, hot pot party, spring and autumn tour, KTV K song, villa bombardment, annual meeting, etc. 7. The promotion mechanism for half a year, business-business manager*--Director of the district. 【Interview Related】 Company official website: Interview address: An Gan Dongyi Financial Plaza, Block B, Block B, No. 169, Funan Road, Luyang District, Hefei City